Fine art paintings about surfing women and the waves they carve, mermaids, surfing cats and surfergirls or is that surfer girls? All original artwork modestly priced. Also a few landscapes, figures and still lifes. What is so expressive about a woman in motion? Surfing her heart out? Or just wiping out, Ha,ha! No subject is more expressive than a figure, but not just lying there on the couch. When I see a gesture, it has meaning, I know what it feels like to hold myself that way or to move that way. I feel myself surfing, paddling or breathing.

Surf Art by Pamela Neswald The PAINTINGS NEW


22x28 acrylic on canvas.
collection Kerri Kemp


Faux woodgrain at Princeton Seafood


Marty and Mary had these hideously ugly electrical boxes right in the middle of the redwood panelling, so we diguised them with this paintjob. The actual wood has since been refinished to a darker color and doesn't match the paintjob anymore, but it makes a great photo. The funny thing is no one ever noticed the paint before the refinishing, but now they often get comments on how wonderful the illusion is.

"Welcome to Our School" - Mural @ El Granada School

"Welcome" mural at El Granada School, El Granada, California. This mural was a gift to the school from the fourth and fifth graders of Mrs. Moriary's class in 1996. What I did as art director was to help the children synthesize their many wonderful ideas into one design and get it on the wall. I tryed not to change their drawings but did insist on them varying their colors. (For some reason, kids have a compulsion to use flat colors straight from the jar, regardless of what result they are after.) The writing in the book is Jack Prelutsky's "I Met a Dragon Face to Face." Some areas were painted by adults because the kids weren't allowed to use ladders. There were also a couple of adults who went in and "fixed" things they didn't like, but I cut them off as soon as I caught them.


Mural at Lighthouse Cafe in Half Moon Bay, California

Lighthouse mural by Pamela Neswald based on the Boston lighthouse. Lighthouse Cafe was previously Java Moon. The new owners liked the murals Pamela had done in the bathroom and signed her up to paint lighthouses in the front of the Cafe. The Cafe currently sells deli sandwiches, but will be gradually shifting to a Portuguese menu. Should be popular in Half Moon Bay!


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