Fine art paintings about surfing women and the waves they carve, mermaids, surfing cats and surfergirls or is that surfer girls? All original artwork modestly priced. Also a few landscapes, figures and still lifes. What is so expressive about a woman in motion? Surfing her heart out? Or just wiping out, Ha,ha! No subject is more expressive than a figure, but not just lying there on the couch. When I see a gesture, it has meaning, I know what it feels like to hold myself that way or to move that way. I feel myself surfing, paddling or breathing.

Surf Art by Pamela Neswald The PAINTINGS NEW


22x28 acrylic on canvas.
collection Kerri Kemp



She's in love with her surfboard. This painting has a good bit of texture. It would be great at the end of a hallway or other dead end.

For a limited time, this painting can be seen at the "Salon des Refusees" Almost At Maui show in Lahaina. Go to the old jail under the banyan tree on Front Street. Through April 1, 2005

Big Day (at Hobson's Beach)

Hee, hee! I love this one. The inside joke is at the time I painted this I'd only seen Hobson's at about 1'-2'. BamBam suggested the title and it fit like a glove. Reminds me a little of Milton Avery.


The photo may be a little dark. Colors otherwise are pretty close (on my PC.) Sky is cerulean, water is pastel based in pthalo green. Surfboard is bubblegum pink! Madame is light brown, could be tanned caucasian or melting pot. Water in foreground is transparent blues and greens. There is a good sense of transparency where the figure is showing through the water. Pastel areas are quite opaque.

This is on standard weight stretchers which are wrapped (no staples or tacks on edges) and painted around. You can hang unframed, but since the edges are only 3/4" and the size is standard, it wouldn't cost you a mint to frame it. I hate it when the framing costs more than the art!

This will look great in your living room or in your personal space. Enjoy!

Sarah Surfing

This is a painting of Sara Gerhardt interpreted from a photo. Yes, the wave in the photo was really that big. Sara is an awesome gnarly surfer and the only woman (last I heard) ever to have surfed Mavericks.The body really looks like her, but I was looser with the hair. In portraiture, there's more than one way to skin a cat!


"Sarah Gerhardt" surfing the big Hawaiian waves. Freely interpreted from a photo. Oil on canvas 18"x24". Oops. Sold. Got a favorite photo you'd like interpreted?

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